Preserved Flowers Bridal Bouquet


Bridal bouquet made with preserved flower suitable for any type of dress and for any season.

With its fresh air provided by its color combination, it is suitable for spring, summer and even winter due to its shades combined with glaucous greens.

Simple but at the same time elegant and full of tenderness, this bouquet of flowers will bring a unique style to the bride.


Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have undergone a special treatment to maintain their beauty without the need for water or light for months. Over time the flower may remain intact but it is possible that the color changes depending on the storage conditions.

The care they need is a dusting from time to time and being away from direct sunlight.

NOTE: Our bouquets are ordered by agenda so that they can be done shortly before your wedding and that you can keep them as long as possible. If you are determined, you can order it as soon as possible so as not to run out of date!


Preserved Flowers Bridal Bouquet.

A bouquet combined with several roses in shades of white and blush and preserved hydrangea.

The handle is lined with raw satin and finished with a matching lace ribbon.


Approximate measurements:

9″ in diameter and 10.5″in height.


Our bouquets are made by assembling the flowers with wire and with their own stems. They are not punctured in any mold and therefore each bouquet is unique and has a completely natural appearance.

Preserved flowers are delicate and require care and care for their conservation.

* The decorations that appear in the photographs and the lighting are not included.

* Colors may vary slightly depending on the calibration of your monitor.


Keep in mind that flowers such as hydrangeas present wrinkled characteristics of their nature when subjected to the preservation process. This is completely normal and adds a unique flair to the bridal bouquet.

Original design by handANAhada.

Thank you for your visit!

Additional information

Weight 5500 g


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