Bridal flowers & accessories

Our bridal bouquets are unique and original; made with preserved flower and other alternative materials that will make you fall in love.

Our bouquets can be found under the name of ArtFlowerAtelier because we wanted to create a line specialized in bridal bouquets and flower arrangements.

Made expressly for you … tell us your idea!

bridal bouquets with preserved flower

Our bridal bouquets of preserved flowers are original own designs.

We like to combine different types of flowers and mix them with dried flowers, fruits or seeds to achieve unique effects according to your wedding style.

All our bouquets are made by wiring the flowers that need it and without using any base that contains them because we like them to have a natural appearance.

This type of bouquets you can keep for several months intact with the necessary care.

In addition we can make the buttonhole for grooom as well as small-sized replicas for special gifts.

preserved flowers and their care

Preserved flowers are 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness without the need for water or light.
With proper care you can enjoy its beauty for months.
Avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight. The only care they need is to dust them occasionally, preferably with air spray or a hair dryer at room temperature.

wild bridal bouquets with dried flowers

At this point I think you will know that we love rustic and bohemian weddings, casual and with a certain natural and country air.
We love to make bridal bouquets with dried flowers appropriate for each season of the year. Bouquets with fall and winter colors and colorful bouquets for weddings in spring and summer.

Dried flowers are natural, subject to a drying process that gives them, in our opinion, a special beauty.


alternative bridal bouquets

We´re passionate about flowers whatever they are and especially in a bridal bouquet or at a wedding.
In our store you have bouquets made with fabric flowers, handmade. Romantic and original.

Our bouquets with Sola wood flowers have a unique design. The flowers are made of natural color wood and we dye them by hand to achieve the desired shade.

With them we make the bridal bouquets combining them with dried and preserved flower.

So we get romantic bouquets in blush and raw tones. Rustic bouquets in raw, beige and wood tones and bohemian bouquets combining a lot of greenery with dark-colored flowers such as blue or burgundy.

These flowers don´t need any special care except to keep them away from liquids and fire and you can keep it intact for years. They also have the advantage of being able to order them with enough time to check the effect with the dress before the wedding.