wedding cake topper

The cake topper is an important detail in your wedding.

Our wedding dolls are unique, because they are totally personalized and hand painted.

You can buy online in this section our available bride and groom figurines with various base or pedestal models. Rustic, bohemian or romantic.

Choose the one that best suits your style!

You can also find cake topper for the First Communion cake.

why buy our cake toppers?

Our cake toppers are completely handmade and personalized in detail.
The bride and groom are made of wood and will have all the details just like you: the dress, the fiancee suit, the hairstyle, the bridal bouquet …

Each figurine is unique because it represents you at your wedding and there will not be two alike. An exclusive design in which you will be reflected to the surprise of your guests and yourselves … you will see it!

It´s a special memory that you will treasure forever.

We dedicate a laborious and careful work because we know how important they are.

It is an ideal gift for wood anniversaries, silver weddings, golden weddings and for the next ones to get married.

how to buy your personalized figurine marriage?

You can buy online in this section our available bride and groom peg dolls with various rustic, bohemian or romantic base models. Choose the one that best suits your style!
In addition, in any of the models we can add children or pets. If the chosen model does not wear it, please contact me.

There are variations with respect to the finish of the dress: normal, all lace or 3D.

If your dress is simple or only with lace on the body part you can choose the normal finish.

If your dress is completely lace, choose the “all lace” finish.

And if the lace of your wedding dress is embossed and you want your figure to be the same, please choose 3D.

Then you must send me the descriptions or photographs so that we can paint in detail your figures for the cake.

We hope you love them !!