design and wedding decoration

A wedding is a very special moment mainly for the couple but also for all the people who want to accompany them on this important day. We believe that everything possible must be done to turn it into a wonderful day without saving effort. It is an opportunity for you to create something special that reflects your personality and decoration plays a very important role in it.

Do you want your wedding to be beautiful as you have always dreamed? Surely you already have some idea, you have seen pictures but you have doubts about how to get it, how to order it or how to put it into practice.

In handANAhada we take care of making your wedding as you always imagined it, unique and unrepeatable, full of beautiful details that will make every corner a magical place and that both you and your guests remember with that unique feeling that only weddings convey.

We love rustic weddings with a chic touch, bohemian weddings, simple and fresh weddings, vintage weddings … but above all, we love to share them with you and enjoy that incomparable day like no other.

Design and decoration of your wedding

With this service we will design all the decoration of your wedding adapting to your budget, according to your tastes and that reflect your personality at every step.

We will pose ideas, embodied in sketches, photographs and the means we have at our disposal, to create from the simplest wedding to the most crazy and fun, and we will take care of everything else creating a global image of the event with the latest trends … from the ceremony to the reception. Beautiful linens, kitchenware, floral decoration, furniture, lighting, Candy Bar and decoration of special corners. Everything you can think of!

We have excellent suppliers in the sector and we have the great advantage of making ourselves many of the decorative objects in our workshop as you can see in our shop.

In this way, in addition to avoiding unnecessary expenses of intermediaries we will try to create the decorative objects totally personalized and to your liking.

So I will do everything possible to fulfill all that you have imagined and that you have a happy wedding with a unique personality. I love challenges and do you?

If you want to request information without obligation, contact us.

wedding day coordination

At last the great day has come…

You have organized all your wedding but you want to enjoy it to the fullest without last-minute nerves and without involving relatives or friends.

Relax, take advantage of every moment and enjoy!

If the decoration is yours we will meet a few days before to receive instructions on how you want all the wedding decoration installed and on the indicated day we will put it into practice so that everything is to your liking.

If we have made the decoration, we will start working in advance so that everything is ready for your arrival.

We will take care of placing the decoration in the place of the celebration and to remove it.

If you prefer this service, in addition to the assembly of the decoration we will contact all providers to prepare the schedule of the day, coordinate and supervise all participants in the event.

We will receive your guests and we will be there to solve any unforeseen situation that may arise.

Because the day of your wedding you have to enjoy it moment to moment with the certainty and tranquility that everything will be in its place. The only thing you will have to do is take advantage of every happy moment of the day.

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