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Better Together Signs, Mr and Mrs Chair Signs

22.95 32.95 

Better Together – Bride and Groom Wedding Chair Signs with ribbon.

♡ This signs are made of solid pine wood with new wood. Each piece of wood is selected by hand for its unique grain, knots and “natural imperfections” that add to the character of each piece. Each piece is sanded, dyed and varnished. Each sign is made to order, which will make each piece unique and there may be variations in the color of the stain, since each piece of wood will stain differently.

As each sign is painted by hand, you can see brushstrokes, which adds to the rustic look.

These beautiful signs are made with love and will add that special touch to your wedding day! Perfect as photo props for your wedding pictures! Make a great keepsake item after the wedding.

♡ We love custom orders! Don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for your visit!

Better Together Wedding Chair Sign with Book Paper Flowers


Made of solid wood and painted with degraded shades of tan appearance. The calligraphy is coppery light brown.

Decorated with antique book flowers and aged tissue paper with inks in the same shades. Completely handmade. Also adorned with two strips of lace in white and ecru and a satin ribbon in ecru to tie them to the back of the chairs.

If you prefer another text, please do not hesitate to consult and I will be happy to give you the best option.

Boho Wedding Backdrop Curtain


Wedding backdrop boho or rustic style to decorate the arch of your outdoor ceremony.
Then you can use it in the decoration of your home.

It´s made T-Shirt yarn in white with the technique of macramé knots.

Custom Wooden Cake Topper Rustic Wedding

84.90 88.90 

Wedding cake topper figurine for you big day!

Original figures for your wedding cake. These wooden bride and groom figurines are totally personalized and will give your guests a pleasant surprise because of their originality and because they will see the bride and groom fully represented as if it were a “mini me”.

Surely after the wedding they can occupy a very special corner in your home and become an cherish memory.

An idea for those special gifts; for parents or for the next to marry.

The price includes:

• Hand painted peg bride & groom
• Customization to look just like you
• Base wood slice with lace banner garland with the word “LOVE”.

Available 3D option for bun o lace dress. If your dress is full lace and you want me to paint it, please check the option. The drawing will always be figurative.

The dolls are made of beech wood.
They are completely hand painted with acrylic paint, using various painting techniques to give the exact color to your order.
Finally, they are varnished for conservation.
I use non toxic paint and sealer.

The pedestal is a wood slice with two wodden sticks and linen and lace banner garland with the word “LOVE”.
Slice wood, by their nature, can change shape and color tone.

You can find more cake topper models in this section. If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us, we love the challenges!

You can also see many photographs of our work at

Date Rustic Wedding Sign


Date Wood Sign for Rustic Wedding

It’s great in the photo session, photo prop or in your recepcion decor. Imagine your picture with the poster in your hands!

You can also place it in the photocall or at the entrance of the reception. Then you can hang it on the wall of your house as a memory of that wonderful day, in the hall or living room as a welcome or on the headboard of the double bed.

This sign is made of solid pine wood, tinted and varnished.

White calligraphy with the wedding date between hearts. Available option to also write your names as in the second picture.

The calligraphy is made with matt white vinyl of great quality.

Floral Wedding Sign Set, Exclusive wedding decor.


Exclusive set of signs for the vintage decoration of your wedding or inspired by the 1920s

This set consists of the welcome sign, two signs to decorate the chairs and a heart box ring bearer.
You also have the possibility to change or add the welcome sign for another with your initials and date of the your wedding.

You can decorate your wedding with wood sings of the same series that will surely amaze your guests.

Irish Wedding Ring Box, Celtic Wedding Ring Bearer Box.


This beautiful ring box is inspired by a fairy tale. And what better story than a wedding in the middle of nature like Irish forests. A fairytale wedding!

This beautiful alliance holder box is inspired by a fairy tale. And what better story than a wedding in the middle of nature like Irish forests. A fairytale wedding!

Ideal also for rustic weddings and winter weddings.

Made with various natural materials such as burlap, moss, wooden flowers … all to be unique and special for your wedding day.
Then you can always use it as an original jewelry box.

Light Gray Wedding Ring Box.


Beautiful and modern box where to carry your wedding rings at your wedding ceremony.
With a romantic, rustic and shabby style.

It is made of wood. Painted in white on gray and sanded to show the gray tone in an aged way.
Inside is light gray, with a cushion in ivory color and a pink satin bow.

Decorated with a lace ribbon in ivory color.

It´s personalized with the name of the bride and groom hand painted in the cover with a beautiful calligraphy.

Love is Sweet, Candy Bar Wedding Sign


Love is Sweet sign to decorate your wedding dessert table.

It´s realized in solid wood of pine. Made with various techniques to achieve the effect in black and white that gives it a rustic and chic touch, ideal for any type of decoration.

Ended in white color with bottom aged in black. The letters are painted to hand in black color with a beautiful calligraphy.

Mr & Mrs Wedding Chair Sign


Wedding Wooden signs to decorate the chairs in the top table.

They look very beautiful as decoration for the chairs of the bride and groom, for the photo shoot or any other corner decoration.

These signs are made of solid pine wood.
The texts are hand painted with beautiful calligraphy on white color.
They are varnished in satin for added protection.

Provided with white satin ribbon to hang them.


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Personalised Wedding Sign Post, Welcome Wedding Sign

129.90 189.90 

Nice wooden totem with welcome sign with post and base for decorating your wedding that you can place at the entrance of the ceremony or reception.

The signs are in different sizes and the heart-shaped center. If you want another design, tell us and we will make a budget without commitment.

This signage poster will give a special touch to your wedding decoration.

The text is personalized with your names and wedding date. You can choose between two variants for the text, with vinyl (like the one in the photograph) or hand painted.


The preparation period is 20-30 days. If you need it with more urgency, please send me an email to ask me.


Personalized Boho Ring Bearer Box


This beautiful wedding ring box will give a unique and personalized touch to your wedding.

Ideal for your boho wedding, rustic or any other style.

The box is made of wood, painted in white with a rustic finish, with the cover decorated with floral elements in shades of blue, purple and pink using decoupage technique.

It´s personalized with your names and the date of the wedding.

Inside, a cushion carries burlap decorated with lace in raw tone and a white satin ribbon to tie the rings.

Then you can remove the cushion and use it as a beautiful jeweler.

Personalized Wedding Guest Book Alternative

54.50 58.00 

An original and alternative wedding signature book. Made of wood with your names painted by hand and a beautiful border.

Perfect for those unconventional bride and groom who want to give a different touch to their wedding.

This guestbook is ideal for a rustic wedding or any other style as well as a wedding gift.

Wedding guest book with wooden covers completely personalized and hand painted with a beautiful white calligraphy.


The covers are made of 5 mm thick plywood, stained and satin varnished for better conservation.

The calligraphy and motifs on the cover are hand painted.

It has 3 rings and ornaments in the four corners of the top cover in aged bronze color.

Personalized Wood and Crystal Ring Box


Nice box for wooden and glass rings personalized with your names on white vinyl.

The interior is filled with moss.

A rustic and romantic touch for your wedding ceremony.



Ring Bearer Box Preserved Flowers, Romantic Wedding Ceremony.


Original white ring bearer box with preserved and dried flowers.

A very romantic way to bring alliances for your wedding ceremony. Then you can keep it as a beautiful jewelry box to remember your big day.

In a simple and natural style, the flowers give it a very personal chic touch.

It is also perfect to give along with the engagement ring. A detail she will not forget!

Rustic Bouttonhole Burlap.


An original alternative buttonhole ideal for any wedding style.

The boutonniere is made with two sola wood flowers, leaves made with burlap, wheat spikes, yellow dried flowers and a preserved eucalyptus leaf. A beautiful composition for the elegant groom.

You can wear it on the day of the wedding and then keep it for a long time as a reminder of that wonderful day.

Rustic Unity Candle Wedding Lace and Handmade Fabric flowers


Nice set of ceremony candles decorated in a rustic style. A detail to perform the Ritual of Light both in your civil and religious wedding.

The set is made up of three candles decorated with burlap ribbon and polyester lace.

The central candle is adorned with paper rope, pearly stamens and a handmade fabric flower. The side candles are decorated with the same hessian, lace, rope and stamens and a wooden heart with your names painted by hand.

The candles are wax made in national wax plant, of broken white color. They may change slightly in color given their natural composition.

Rustic wedding champagne glasses


Personalized wedding toast glasses decorated in a rustic style. An ideal detail for the first toast of the newlyweds and as a bridal shower gift.
You can combine it with other of our products to have a totally combined wedding.

You can use them in future anniversaries

The champagne glasses are made of colorless glass, decorated with hemp rope to the stem, with white cotton lace and a flower handmade with burlap, topped with a pearl inside.

At the bottom there is a wooden heart where you can paint your names.

Rustic Wedding Ring Box Glass and Moss


A nice box for wedding rings with a rustic touch due to its dark wood color and its burlap or moss-filled cushion. A rustic and romantic touch for your wedding ceremony

Rectangular wooden box hand-tinted in dark walnut with a glass lid and decorated with a cotton lace ribbon.

For the interior there are two options; stuffed with moss or with a burlap cushion with a bow to tie the rings.

Rustic Wedding Ring Pillow Burlap Flowers


A beautiful wedding ring pillow with a novel design ideal for any type of wedding, civil or religious.
Whatever your wedding style is sure to fit perfectly.

Made in ivory cotton.
Edging and flowers in natural color burlap. Cotton white lace edging and tie hemp rope.

A rustic and elegant design at the same time.

Rustic Wedding Table Numbers Moss Raffia on Stands

8.90 10.50 

Original table number for decorating your reception with a nice table centerpiece. With these moss table numbers you will add a touch of originality and distinction to the rustic decoration of your wedding.

This sign is made of solid. With wood stand to keep up.

You have it available with the numbers painted by hand or with vinyl decal in matt white.

The numbers hand painted are with acrylic paint and then varnished in satin so has to look your best and conservation.
Moss leads naturally as decoration at the bottom topped with a raffia bow.

With this number you will complete the decoration of the centerpieces in a rustic wedding.  Also ideal for winter weddings and Christmas.


Rustic Wedding Unity Candles Set


Set unity candles decorated for your wedding ceremony.
Ideal to give a different touch and complement the details for your rustic wedding.

In addition, you have available numerous articles from this same series so that your wedding follows the same common thread in the decoration

The set consists of three candles decorated with hemp rope, cotton lace and a handmade burlap flower on the center candle.

The candles are wax made in national wax plant, of broken white color. They may change slightly in color given their natural composition.

Glass candle holders are not included.

Rustic Wedding Unity Sand Personalized

31.00 45.00 

This wedding sand set is adorable for your rustic or romantic style ceremony. A special decoration made by hand for the most important moment.


The set consists of 3 glass jars decorated with burlap and lace.

The small bottles are decorated with wooden heart with the name of the bride and groom painted by hand. The large one, with a flower, paper cord and pearly pistils.

The flower is made by hand with georgette color white with a beige center and a pearl.


You can choose the option with or without tray.

Small wooden slice for wedding ring holder


Wooden slice so you can complement it with any other wedding ring box and give it a different touch.

It can be personalized with your initials or the wedding date.

This slice is designed to be inserted in any other box and not to be carried by itself because it is small.

  • The box is not included.

Wedding guest book personalized

56.95 60.95 

This original personalized guest book with your names will delight your guests.
Ideal if your wedding is rustic, romantic, chic or retro; It´s easily adaptable to any style.

Fully personalized, with the names hand painted in white with a beautiful calligraphy.

The covers are made of 5 mm thick plywood; stained, painted and varnished giving it an aged and chic look.

Decorated with burlap ribbon, white lace and two handmade fabric flowers.
It has 3 rings in aged bronze color.

Wedding Ring Box Crystal White


This cute ring box is perfect for your wedding ceremony, making it even more beautiful.
It´s also an original idea for the engagement ring or as a gift to your bridesmaids.

Wooden ring box painted in aged white. Adorned with four bronze colored sconces in the four upper corners, the same shade as the closure of the box.

Inside there is a cushion of raw color with white lace and a satin bow to tie the rings.

Wedding Ring Box Glass

22.95 26.95 

Nice wedding ring holder in wood painted in aged white.

A simple detail for your wedding ceremony.

You can change the style of the ring box according to the option you choose for the interior:

A beautiful pillow with white lace that will give it a fresh and romantic touch or filled with moss that will give it a rustic or bohemian style.

Wedding Ring Box Lavender Moss


Personalized wedding ring box decorated with natural lavender and filled with moss.

An ideal box in aged white rustic style and decorated with natural lavenders.

This original wood ring box will give a fresh touch to your wedding ceremony.
Ideal as a engagement gift.

Then you can always use it as a nice jeweler.