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The best moments are the celebrations. A wedding, a First Communion, a baptism, a birthday or a party that we suddenly want to organize to get together with our friends.

At handANahada we believe that all those parties have to be beautiful, loaded with details that make our guests feel happy and enjoy themselves.

We are specialists in creating and designing elements that create unique environments. We make them in our workshop by hand and therefore, we can customize them just for you.

We have the great advantage of having experience in multiple areas to be able to offer you any range of accessories for your wedding or party and that everything looks perfectly coordinated with the charm and exclusivity of what is “handmade”.

If you have something in mind that you can’t find in the store, tell us your idea and we’ll put our minds to work so you can get it.


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Tell us your idea

If you have in mind a special item for your decoration, tell us your idea and we will do our best to make it come true.

We personalize it

We love to customize almost everything so that your wedding decoration is special and unique. Just for you two!

Natural elements

We are inspired by nature and we are passionate about working with natural materials. They bring a special beauty like no other.

Shipping around the world

If you can't find your country in the shipping profile, contact us.

Surround yourself with flowers with our designs


bridal bouquet

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We have incorporated our brand ArtFlowerAtelier where you can find bridal bouquets of dried and preserved flowers, headdresses for brides, communion or guests and pins.

In our store you can find bridal bouquets of different styles. You can buy it and we will send it to you whenever you want.

We do customizations. If you don´t find what you are looking for, contact us and tell us your idea.

In addition, we love to make centerpieces and flower arrangements to decorate or give as gifts on any occasion.

Because we love flowers, their colors and combining them with different styles to find the version you like best: romantic, bohemian, wild…

Do you dare to see our floral designs?

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Desing & wedding decor

Always you have dreamed of the only wedding, you imagined posing in one of these nice photos that you have seen and want that in the great day everything is special. But… where do you begin? How do you get that your style is reflected in every detail and everything is combined simultaneously?

In handANAhada we take care of the design and decoration of your wedding, keeping in mind the chosen celebration space and creating a unique and magical style that your guests will enjoy as much as you do.

Floral decor

The flowers are an ideal complement for any type of decoration, that stand for themselves and grant to every space a flavor fresh that alone they can offer us.

For it, we take advantage of his color and fragrance to give this special touch in each of our decorations creating a fantastic visual effect.

In addition we can elaborate your bridal bouquet and other complements, already be with fresh flowers, preserved flowers, flower dries and other alternative materials that will inspire love in you.

Other events

We firmly believe that we can and should take advantage of any event to make a special party, surround it with beautiful details and enjoy it to the fullest. Because, who doesn´t want to organize a beautiful party?

Therefore, in handANAhada we take care of the Decoration of First Communions, Baptisms or any other celebration.

In addition, we can elaborate the Sweet Tables combining them with the rest of decorative elements so that it doesn´t lack detail.

work done

You can see more of our work done on our social networks: @handanahada