Pampa Grass & Banksia Boho Wedding Bouquet


Made with Pampa grass, Natural Sun Palm, Ruscus and Fern preserved, Burnt Orange Banksia and other dried flowers and spikes in natural tones.
A special wedding bouquet made for you!

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Pampa Grass Boho Wedding Bouquet/Tail Reed Wedding Dried Flowers.

♡ Size ♡
15.7″ x 10″ aprox.

A beautiful bohemian wedding bouquet with dried flowers.

♡ Please note the measurements. It may vary slightly because it is a totally natural material.
The color may vary slightly depending on the calibration of your monitor.
Each piece is unique and is made with care and affection by hand by us so that each bouquet may have a normal minimum deviation due to the nature of the material

♡ Don´t expose to direct sun. Its maintenance is reduced to cleaning the dust from time to time, to do this, do it gently with a clean cloth or a hair dryer at low temperature.
Don´t put the flowers in water and it can be preserved for a long time.

♡ Due to transportation, dried flowers may lose some volume. Gently loosen them with your fingers to maintain their original volume.

Although we pack our bouquets carefully, some leaves or small branches or petals may come off during transport. This is completely normal.

Additional information

Weight2000 g


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