wedding ceremony set

Because your wedding ceremony is the most important thing you can decorate it with our sets for the Sand Ceremony and with our personalized candles for the Ceremony of Light. Give a personalized touch to your big day.

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unity sand ceremony

The sand ritual is part of the civil ceremony just after the exchange of the rings and has its tradition in that they provide a container of sand that can come from the birthplace of each of them, and the day of the ceremony they united them in a vessel as a symbol of union. The grains of sand represent each one, who merge in the ceremony.

While the officiant reads a text, the bride and groom each take their container and gradually pour the sand into a larger glass container where the sand joins.

It is ideal for its meaning for weddings, renewal of wedding vows and wedding anniversaries.

If you have children, they can also contribute the sand from their small glass jar as a symbol of the family’s union and make them partakers of this emotional moment.

Our sand ceremony kits consist of glass bottles decorated by hand and personalized with original designs depending on the style of your wedding.

wedding light ceremony

It is a ritual that is celebrated in civil weddings but can also be performed in religious weddings asking permission beforehand.

It is about arranging two equal candles next to another one of bigger size. The small candles represent the bride and groom and the big one symbolizes the new life in common.

When the ritual begins, the bride and groom should light each candle and while the officiant explains the ritual or reads some text, the couple light the big candle as a symbol of life in common.

On some occasions it is the godparents who light the small candles to offer it to the bride and groom.

Our candles, of great quality and manufactured in national wax factory, are designed for this emotional ceremony; of original designs, customized and with the possibility of combining with other elements of the wedding.