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Bodas con temática de bosque encantado

Yes, I know, we really want weddings … in the meantime, we can delight ourselves with beautiful photos to prepare the theme and decoration of our wedding. You already know that for me all the details count a lot! Because any wedding is loaded with small details that make it magical and unforgettable.

And you, do you already know the theme of your wedding?

We are going to go through ideas little by little so that they can help you plan your wedding and hopefully that is the case and you get some idea and help you choose the theme of your wedding.

Today we are going to talk about one of my favorites. Weddings in an enchanted forest … Celtic weddings are in fashion, weddings inspired by Irish forests, although here, in Spain, we have some spectacular places to celebrate them and it takes us a little closer. Magical weddings in enchanted forests … what more could you ask for?



But don’t worry that if we don’t have access to a magnificent forest we can recreate the space with our decorations.



One of the ideal color palettes is this …

Invitations wedding are the first step for any wedding and must be consistent with the chosen theme. What do you think of these?


These ring holders are specially designed for weddings in the enchanted forest or fairy tales. To wear them at your wedding ceremony.




The centerpieces … as you can see, two very different styles but they look perfectly good. The important thing … the details!



I hope you liked this post and that it has helped you get some inspiration.




And more details to decorate … some table numbers with moss in which you can choose the finish, either hand painted or with vinyl. Both ways are spectacular.


And a special guest book not commissioned by a bride with her own design. We leave you the link of the store so that you can see our models and if you want a special design you just have to contact us. We always recommend having a special corner to be able to put the signature book where your guests can be inspired and leave you a few words. Believe me! later you feel something special when you reread it .


I hope you liked this post and that it has helped you get some inspiration.


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